Parasite In Stomach

Gastroenteritis means inflammation of stomach as well as the gastrointestinal tract. It is also known as stomach flu. It can be caused by an infection, virus, bacterium or parasite. These viruses can lead to condition like fever, diarrhea and vomiting. The different viruses that cause gastroenteritis are rotavirus, adenoviruses, caliciviruses and astroviruses. The signs and symptoms of gastroenteritis may vary depending upon the individual. It is very important that your doctor makes the proper diagnosis before writing down the prescription.

This condition may not cause too much harm if proper care is taken. You body takes quite a toll due to diarrhea and other symptoms. Without proper care it can be get severe. Adults as well as kids are not spared by this inconvenience. Gastroenteritis can be contagious and can spread from person to person. The contamination of drinking water is one of the reasons for trouble. Unhygienic food and unhygienic conditions of maintaining the food causes problem too. Sea food in the likes of shellfish reaped in polluted water and handled by unhygienic people creates problems.

One of the common symptoms of gastroenteritis is severe diarrhea. It is the main reason for dehydration. You also suffer stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and fever. Due to this continuous pain there is loss of appetite, fever or chills. You also endure body ache as well as stiffness of your joints. There is lack of stool control. Dark color urine should ring a bell. It is very important that you wash your hands once you have been to the bathroom. By keeping your kitchen spic and span you can avoid any causes of infection. Drink boiled or bottled water. Avoid food which is half-cooked especially seafood.

Children are the common patients of gastroenteritis and special care has to be taken for that. Due to loss of fluids it is very important that the child remains dehydrated by constant intake of fluids. Take plenty of rest. Consume at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday. Avoid spicy food and eat more of vegetables. Plain and simple food may go a long way.

Some Home Remedies

You can make concoction by using eight ounces of fruit juice (one, which won't escalate your gastro problem), 1/2 tsp honey, corn syrup and a pinch of salt, mixed in a glass. In another glass you can have 8 ounces of purified water with 1/4 tsp baking soda. Drink alternately from each glass until its over.

Having clay mixed with water is very good to prevent gastro.

Campfire ash used also helps due to its astringent and drying-up effect when brewed in tea.

Blackberry root when made into a tea can assist with your gastro problem.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

parasite in stomach

Best Probiotic For Candida

In order to get the best results for any type of Candida probiotic treatment you should lookf for probiotics containing Lactobacillus, Bifobacterium and Acidodophilus.

These are the active ingredients usually found in good probiotic supplements. These beneficial micro-organisms help to increase and repopulate the intestinal bacteria that are good for the immune and digestive systems.

The probiotics used in supplements for treating Candida also often contain B Vitamins such as Biotin, Niacin, Folic Acid and Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), all of which help to improve a person's digestion as well as help combat vaginal yeast infections.

Successful suppression of candida overgrowth is achieved by an altering the balance of the acid/alkaline found in a person's intestines which in turn deprives the Candida bacteria of the essential nutrients which they need in order to grow and multiply.

When a person is using a probiotic supplement for combating Candida they are bolstering the number of good bacteria in their GI tract, and these good bacteria produce an anti-fungal enzyme, which can then fight the overgrowth.

However, along with probiotic supplements there are other more natural ways increasing the levels of good bacteria in the GI tract. One of these includes eating more live yoghurt.

The live yogurt that we eat is cultured using the same bacteria that live in the gut and the intestines, and helps to protect a person against the overgrowth of Candida in their bodies.

For many years women have found it to be beneficial in staving off vaginal yeast infections when applied to the skin.

So, including live yogurt into a healthy eating regime can lessen the chance of developing intestinal and vaginal yeast problems, along with Candida and digestive disorders.

The introduction of good bacteria into the GI tract has also been linked to an improvement in the immune function, as a properly working digestive system is essential to a healthy immune process.
Read below to discover how you can sign up for the free combating candida newsletter and discover other natural ways for overcoming candida.

If you do not enjoy the taste of yoghurt, there are multiple alternatives available to you.
There are Probiotic foods and drinks, and supplements, which are easy to take and can provide additional good bacteria for your body.

Finally, if you have had a course of antibiotics to treat another ailment then you will often be recommended to consume some form of probiotic supplement or food. Antibiotics are usually pretty indiscriminate and can kill off both the good and the bad bacteria in the GI tract leaving the body wide open to developing a yeast infection.

So, boosting the levels of good bacteria helps to avoid problems and a good candida probiotics treatment is a way of helping the body fortify itself against the misery of a yeast infection.

best probiotic for candida

Thrush Medication

Take the stress and hassle out of giving your pet pill form medication by using "Pill Pockets". They have made giving my dog a pill, a much easier and stress free way of administering medication to him. Simply place the pill in the pocket opening of the treat and hand it to your pet. They come in different sizes to accommodate different size and shapes of capsules and tablets. They also come in a variety of flavors for cats and dogs. My dog is so smart when it comes to giving him his medication, that it's nearly impossible to give him any medication at all. It doesn't matter how large of a piece of cheese the pill is in, or how big of a portion of peanut butter the pill is in, he still somehow manages to eat the cheese or peanut butter and spit out the pill. This process was stressful and upsetting as he needed to have his medication on a daily basis.

Luckily, I discovered a great little invention called "Pill Pockets". They come in different sizes for different sized capsules and tablets as well as different flavors for cats and dogs. The nice thing is you can get a package that has just a few in them, or a larger package for the pet that needs perpetual medication. Pill Pockets can be purchased in a variety of package sizes and flavors. Here are just a few of the variations that are available: A 3.2 ounce package of beef flavored pill pockets sells for .20. A 7.9 ounce package of (30) chicken flavor pill pockets sells for .50. These area also available in Duck & Pea flavor. A 1.6 ounce package of chicken flavor pill pockets for cats sells for .23. There are many more sizes and flavors available for both dogs and cats. You can purchase them at: I'm sure you will see that they work just as well for your pet, as they have for mine.
Purchasing and using pill pockets will greatly reduce the stress and aggravation of giving your pets the medication that they need to live a long and healthy life.

thrush medication

Yeast In Bladder


The bladder is a hollow organ in the lower abdomen (pelvis). It collects and stores urine produced by the kidneys.

As it fills with urine, the muscular wall of the bladder stretches and the bladder gets larger.
When the bladder reaches its capacity of urine, the bladder wall contracts, although adults have voluntary control over the timing of this contraction. At the same time, a urinary control muscle (sphincter) in the urethra relaxes. The urine is then expelled from the bladder.
The urine flows through a narrow tube called the urethra and leaves the body. This process is called urination, or micturition.

Cancer occurs when normal cells undergo a transformation whereby they grow and multiply without normal controls.

As the cells multiply, they form an area of abnormal cells. Medical professionals call this a tumor.
As more and more cells are produced, the tumor increases in size.
Tumors overwhelm surrounding tissues by invading their space and taking the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive and function.
Tumors are cancerous only if they are malignant. This means that, because of their uncontrolled growth, they encroach on and invade neighboring tissues.
Malignant tumors may also travel to remote organs via the bloodstream or the lymphatic system.
This process of invading and spreading to other organs is called metastasis. Bladder cancers are most likely to spread to neighboring organs and lymph nodes prior to spreading through the blood stream to the lungs, liver, bones, or other organs.

Of the different types of cells that form the bladder, the cells lining the inside of the bladder wall are most likely to develop cancer. Any of three different cell types can become cancerous. The resulting cancers are named after the cell types.

Urothelial carcinoma (transitional cell carcinoma): This is by far the most common type of bladder cancer in the United States. The so-called transitional cells are normal cells that form the innermost lining of the bladder wall. In transitional cell carcinoma, these normal lining cells undergo changes that lead to the uncontrolled cell growth characteristic of cancer.
Squamous cell carcinoma: These cancers originate from the thin, flat cells that typically form as a result of bladder inflammation or irritation that has taken place for many months or years.
Adenocarcinoma: These cancers form from cells that make up glands. Glands are specialized structures that produce and release fluids such as mucus.
In the United States, urothelial carcinomas account for more than 90% of all bladder cancers. Squamous cell carcinomas make up 3%-8%, and adenocarcinomas make up 1%-2%.

Only transitional cells normally line the rest of the urinary tract. The kidneys, the ureters (narrow tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder), the bladder, and the urethra are lined with these cells.

However, these three types of cancer can develop anywhere in the urinary tract.
If abnormal cells are found anywhere in the urinary tract, a search for other areas of abnormal cells is warranted. For example, if cancerous cells are found in the bladder, an evaluation of the kidneys and ureters is essential.

Bladder cancers are classified (staged) by how deeply they invade into the bladder wall, which has several layers. Many physicians subdivide bladder cancer into superficial and invasive disease. Superficial bladder cancer is limited to the innermost linings of the bladder (known as the mucosa and lamina propria). Invasive bladder cancer has at least penetrated the muscular layer of the bladder wall.

Nearly all adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas are invasive. Thus, by the time these cancers are detected, they have usually already invaded the bladder wall.
Many urothelial cell carcinomas are not invasive. This means that they go no deeper than the superficial layer (mucosa) of the bladder.

In addition to stage (how deep the cancer penetrates in the bladder wall), the grade of the bladder cancer provides important information and can help guide treatment. The tumor grade is based on the degree of abnormality observed in a microscopic evaluation of the tumor.

Cells from a high-grade cancer have more changes in form and have a greater degree of abnormality when viewed microscopically than do cells from a low-grade tumor. This information is provided by the pathologist, a physician trained in the science of tissue diagnosis.

Low-grade tumors are less aggressive.
High-grade tumors are more dangerous and have a propensity to become invasive. Papillary tumors are urothelial carcinomas that grow narrow, finger-like projections.
Benign (noncancerous) papillary tumors (papillomas) grow projections out into the hollow part of the bladder. These can be easily removed, but they sometimes grow back.
These tumors vary greatly in their potential to come back (recur). Some types rarely recur after treatment; other types are very likely to do so.
Papillary tumors also vary greatly in their potential to be malignant (invasive). A small percentage (15%) do invade the bladder wall. Some invasive papillary tumors grow projections both into the bladder wall and into the hollow part of the bladder.

In addition to papillary tumors, bladder cancer can develop in the form of a flat, red (erythematous) patch on the mucosal surface. This is called carcinoma-in-situ (CIS).

Although these tumors are superficial, they are high-grade and have a high risk for becoming invasive.

Of all types of cancer, bladder cancer has an unusually high propensity for recurring after treatment. Bladder cancer has a recurrence rate of 50%-80%. The recurring cancer is usually, but not always, of the same type as the first (primary) cancer. It may be in the bladder or in another part of the urinary tract (kidneys or ureters).

Bladder cancer is most common in industrialized countries. It is the fifth most common type of cancer in the United States-the fourth most common in men and the ninth in women.

Each year, about 67,000 new cases of bladder cancer are expected, and about 13,000 people will die of the disease in the U.S.
Bladder cancer affects three times as many men as women. Women, however, often have more advanced tumors than men at the time of diagnosis.
Whites, both men and women, develop bladder cancers twice as often as other ethnic groups. In the United States, African Americans and Hispanics have similar rates of this cancer. Rates are lowest in Asians.

Bladder cancer can occur at any age, but it is most common in people older than 50 years of age. The average age at the time of diagnosis is in the 60s. However, it clearly appears to be a disease of aging, with people in their 80s and 90s developing bladder cancer as well.
Because of its high recurrence rate and the need for lifelong surveillance, bladder cancer is the most expensive cancer to treat on a per patient basis.

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Natural Fungus Treatment

Fungal nail infection is the most common nail complaint. Men are more likely to suffer than women since lifestyle can often be a major factor, and men are more likley to play outdoor sports and share communal changing rooms. It is highly unlikely that children can become infected unless there is a history in the family or both parents have the condition.
Unless you suffer from nail fungus, it's unlikely that you know the condition exists. Onychomycosis can affect both the fingernails and toenails and can cause the sufferer to hide or cover their feet and hands because it is not a pleasant looking condition. The fungus will affect neighboring nails. Both unsightly and painful. And the infection is highly likely to get worse.
Fungal nail infections are more common among toenails as fungus thrives on warm, damp and dark environments. Thus, a sock covered hot sweaty foot is ideal for the fungus to survive and spread. If unchecked the infection can spread from toe to toe and can be passed from person to person. It is not unusual for a person to have ten digits of both feet and hands infected with fungus, usually after this the sufferer will usually seek treatment.
Although painful, nail fungus is not a disabilitating or a life threatening condition but does carry a certain stigma in todays beauty conscious society. So having discolored and disfigured nails is not something that would attract someone to you. Nail fungus is easier to treat in the early stages of the infection. If you do suspect that you may have a fungal nail infection of the toenails or fingernails it is highly advised to seek attention now before its spreads.
The longer you leave the condition the worse it will become. A fungal nail infection will simply not go away of its own accord. There are different treatments available ranging from the home remedy to the herbal to pharmaceutical. Before researching the available treatments it is highly advisable to understand exactly what you are introducing to your body.
Nail Fungus can be treated and completely got rid of even the most severe cases. A different course of action is required for each. You should take all factors into consideration: effectiveness, timescale to cure the fungal infection, future preventative properties, cost and health and safety aspect. Some nail fungus treatments can produce nasty side effects and some offer nothing by way of a cure.
The postives of using a home remedy to treat nail fungus is that nothing alien is introduced to your body; most home remedies involve external application so the possible side effects are minimal or greatly reduced. The negative aspect to home nail fungus treatment is that it is a fairly long winded approach and success depends on the severity of the fungal infection.
The nature of the disorder and the stigma that comes associated with the thought of having a fungus growing on a part of the body makes seeking treating for the infection discreetly quite a difficult one. There are many nail fungus treatments available to freely buy without restriction of a prescription but availability does not necesarily mean that they will be effective.
Prescription only anti fungal medication is usually administered orally in almost all circumstances a hardcore pharmaceutical drug is present to combat the infection. Often described as like cracking a walnut with a sledge hammer, prescription only grade anti fungal medication can often lead other complications and some cases causes more problems than its solves.
Natural nail fungus remedies promise effective treatment. They contain many active ingredients that can immediately offer relief for nail fungus symptoms and they also work at eliminating nail fungus overall. They deliver medicine through the trans-dermal delivery system. This works by absorption of active nutrients through the skin. As a result of using natural nail fungus remedies, you can heal damaged nails and restores natural color quickly.
If you suffer from nail fungus, try using natural remedy to provide the relief you are seeking without chemicals, pain or harsh side effects. They are made from a readily absorbable, non-irritating base that is absorbed quickly; thus symptoms of nail fungus are reduced right away. Natural nail fungus remedies are available in local drug stores, but for the sake of privacy it may be better to get them online due to confidentiality. To learn more, please go to

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Candida Problems

A candida diet is a diet that avoids foods that can help the infection to prosper. You see, candida (sometimes called yeast infection or candidiasis) is caused by the candida albicans fungus that we all have in our bodies. The fungus especially likes the warm, moist, dark areas like the gut, sexual organs, mouth, etc., to grow in.

But it normally doesn't get a chance to grow into an infection because of the good bacteria in our bodies that keeps the fungus in check. The problem really only occurs when your immune system is low, you take too many antibiotics, you have a lot of stress, your blood sugar is too high, or you are under drugs that can help trigger candida.

As you can see, one of the major influences in causing candida is too much sugar. This is because the candida albicans fungus is a yeast-like fungus that needs sugar to feed on and grow.

So one of the most important first steps in trying to eliminate your candida is to make important changes to your diet. Avoiding sugar in all its forms will be obvious by now, but so is reducing your carbohydrate intake. Why? Because carbohydrates produce sugar as they breakdown during the digestion process. Also, avoid anything that stimulates the body, because stimulants can indirectly raise your blood sugar too.

So typical candida diet foods to avoid are; pre-packed, processed, smoked, canned foods, etc., which usually contain preservatives that can encourage fungal growth; carbohydrates; yeast products, mushrooms, cow's milk products, dried fruits, sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, honey, syrups, jams, all sugars, canned soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc.

The type of candida diet foods to eat are; organic meat and poultry, vegetables, herbs, raw beans and pulses, fruit, organic and deep-sea fish, free-range eggs, natural yogurt, cottage cheese, seeds and nuts with shells you have to crack open, soya milk, rice milk, olive oil, butter, yeast-free bread, potatoes and sweet potatoes, whole-wheat pasta, etc.

These 2 lists aren't complete by a long way as there isn't enough room here. But they will give you a good start on your candida diet. Always remember to look closely at food labelling, especially about sugar content.

As you are aware by now, there are many issues that need your attention if you want to get rid of your candida for good. And who doesn't, because more than 50% of all candida sufferers will have recurring candida infections that can get worse with each attack. This can lead to some very serious health issues, especially if the Candida fungus breaks through the gut wall into the bloodstream.

candida problems

What Can You Get A Yeast Infection From

Finding yeast infection natural cures can seem like a difficult thing to do. Especially when you're not sure which remedies will help you get rid of it. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some yeast infection natural cures. That way, you will be able to cure your infection using remedies from home.

Always observe good hygiene at all times and be clean with your things. You need to lead a healthy lifestyle so that you can prevent and cure your stubborn and recurring condition from developing. Be careful with what you eat and do not indulge in activities that will weaken your immune system therefore putting you at risk not only for this particular infection but in other sort of condition as well.

The above method will give an instant relief from itches and burns, but to treat the yeast infections and keep it from coming back, you need to treat the root cause of the infections. Also, if you prolong taking action to cure yeast infection at its source for long, it can cause severe health hazards, lack of energy, weakened immunity, hair loss etc. It is important to act right now to live a healthier, life free of yeast infections countless problems associated with it

Taking electrolyte drinks and licorice will also help cure yeast infection. Electrolytes help restore the balance of natural flora in your body. You must drink it 6 times a day including after meals. On the other hand, licorice helps stimulate hormones without any side effects. It helps release steroids that can kill the fungus. This steroid is not harmful to estrogen as well

The third natural cure that will help you get rid of the yeast infection is garlic paste. To use it, rub some of the paste around your vaginal area. Let it sit on the area for at least ten minutes.

Yogurt can be applied just like cream in and around the vaginal area for immediate relief from yeast infections. A tampon can also be smeared with natural yogurt and kept inside the affected area.

Yogurt contains live good bacteria called probiotics which are helpful in controlling the growth of pathogenic organisms like yeasts. Plain and unsweetened yogurt is used for infection in genitals. You can apply it directly or you can insert into the genitalia a tampon which is previously dipped in the yogurt.

what can you get a yeast infection from

What Foods Cause Yeast Infections In Dogs

Dogs are the most preferred species of the animals as pets by humans. Many people consider them as one of the family member. Many breeds of dogs are adopted by the people as their companions. Proper care has to be taken if one plans to adopt a dog. Just like human beings dogs are prone to many diseases and sometimes the diseases can also affect the owner. So treatment of the disease has to be done in a proper time and in a proper way. Even a small wound should not be neglected. Dog health is affected if proper medicines are not given in timely interval. Dogs are more prone to the microbial infections due to the fur on the body. When dogs are wet, the fur on them acts as the absorbents, i.e. the fur remains wet, easy drying is difficult. This thing induces the growth of micro-organisms on the body and can cause many microbial infections. Another factor which can cause the microbial growth is the habit of dogs to lick the open wound or cut. This can be very dangerous and in many cases deadly. Any sign of unusual behavior of dogs should be immediately taken care.

The diseases can be caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, or virus very common bacterial skin diseases in dogs is pyroderma, which is a skin disease. It is generally caused when the dog is injured by any means. Some of the symptoms of this disease is itchiness, yellow pustules, loss of hair and bad odor. Dogs are more prone to the microbial infections due to the fur on the body.

Bacterial diseases in dogs are often not contagious from one dog to another dog but it can be very dangerous to the dog who is suffering from such disease. One treatment is to remove the fur from the affected area and apply antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Moreover, anti-allergic drugs can be combined with it. Leptospirosis is another disease which is caused by the contaminated water, which the dogs might have drank from the unhygienic places like puddle or gutters. It is a contagious disease and even humans can get affected by this disease. Proper bathing of the dogs should be carried out with the antibiotic shampoos. If the infection is severe then the dogs should be immediately taken to the veterinarian doctor so that the doctor can recommend various medicines and treatment for the diseases. By changing the dietary habits and regular exercises, the health of dogs can be improvised and they can be made more to immunized to various diseases.

what foods cause yeast infections in dogs

My Puppy Keeps Scratching Her Ears

What was that?
Aasifa pricked up her pretty little Arab shaped ears.
Talisman pricked up his long thoroughbred ears and snorted.
Zamizin pricked his ears, snorted and held his tail up. It was important that he held his tail up high so everyone could see that it has been broken in a floating accident. He had survived so he really must be the bravest horse in the herd.
Trendy trotted up to the front of the group, not because he thought that he was the bravest but because he wanted to make sure that if it was terribly scary then he wanted to be the fastest to get away. Just in case whatever it was had a particular hunger for fat leopard appaloosas.
"It must be a bunyip" said Aasifa who had told everyone about the mythical Australian creatures where she used to live. "There are bunyips everywhere in those trees, we had better get out of here". She shuddered and then checked that everyone was watching her, making sure she had lots of attention because she was highly strung.
"What colour are bunyips?" asked Star curious about the Australian mythical bush creatures. He had lived at Fantasy Saddle Club for almost as long as Emperor and he had never seen any signs of bunyips.
There was movement over in the long grass under the shade of the trees and Aasifa galloped to the top of the hill. She was a little fast so then she had to wait for the others to arrive before she shuddered again because there was only so much shuddering a girl can do.
Trendy followed closely behind to start with but then he couldn't keep up and had to slow down to a trot before he got to the top of the hill, remembering to prick his ears and nicker to Aasifa when he got close. He knew that if her gave her lots of attention then she would smuggle some extra feed to him.
Keen to show off his broken tail, Zamizin held it high and proud, cantering stiff legged while zig-zagging his way up the top of the hill. He had to waste a bit of time so Trendy arrived first, because Trendy was very attached to Aasifa and liked to kick Zamizin if he came too close to her.
Not to be upstaged, Talisman took a short-cut across a fallen log and was first to the top of the hill, reminding every-one that he used to be an eventer but forgetting to mention that he lost his nerve when the jumps got too big. The only trouble is that he didn't stop and continued on down the hill the other side and then had to make a big circle around to the top again to maintain his image as an Olympic three-day eventer.
"Bunyips must be very small" thought Ted still peering into the grass, "and why is there a cleaning cloth in under the trees?" He was interested in galloping up the top of the hill with the others but was also interested preserving his energy so trotted up instead to join the others.
None of the horses had noticed that Emperor had been the first to hear the disturbance. He had merely opened his eyes from his sleep for a moment and then smiled. He knew they would have fun with this one.
As they all made their way to the top of the hill, Emperor walked up towards them. He was curious about their current conversation. Then winking to a shadow behind him he said, "That was fun Marmalade! Let's do it again soon!".
Up at the barn, Cathy and Becky were cleaning some tack. "Mm that is interesting, the ginger kitten is missing. He usually loves chasing the cleaning cloths and playing with them."
"Ah! There you are Marmalade"

my puppy keeps scratching her ears

Dry Itchy Ears

According to the Mayo Clinic, nickel allergy is one of the most common forms of skin allergies and appears as an itchy rash on the skin when nickel encounters the skin, usually due to earrings and other jewelry. If you have a nickel allergy and wear nickel-based earrings, you will find that the skin on the ears gets itchy and red when the earrings are in the ears. As such, you will need to start using nickel free earrings to help prevent the problem. The reason for the need for earrings without nickel is that once sensitivity to nickel develops, it will always be present and a reaction to nickel will usually occur on your skin.

Nickel Allergy

A nickel allergy occurs when your body reacts to metals like palladium, nickel or cobalt and creates an allergic reaction as a response. Once an allergic reaction forms in response to a material, such as nickel, you will always have sensitivity (allergy) to that material.


A nickel rash allergy typically appears within 48 hours of exposure and shows up where the nickel was in contact with the skin. In the case of nickel earrings, this is on the ear lobes, both front and back.

The allergy may appear as an itchy, red rash, extra dry skin or even blisters that drain fluid in extreme cases.


If your doctor thinks that you may have a nickel allergy, she may perform a patch test, in which a small amount of nickel on a small bandage-like patch is put on the skin. The patch remains on the skin for a few days and then the doctor takes the bandage off and evaluates the results. If your skin is red, itchy and inflamed where the patch was in place, the diagnosis is a nickel allergy.


If you develop a nickel allergy, apply a small amount of corticosteroid cream, available at most grocery and drug stores, to the allergic reaction and wait a few days for the allergic reaction to pass. You may also take an oral antihistamine for additional relief.

Non-Nickel Earrings

If you have a nickel allergy and enjoy wearing earrings, do not despair. You can try to apply a small amount of corticosteroid cream to the ear before inserting any earrings with nickel, but beware that you will likely still encounter an allergic reaction of some kind.

The best way to manage this allergy is to wear non-nickel earrings, but the good news is that there are many kinds of non-nickel earrings available in the market.

Look for earrings and other jewelry marked 'hypoallergenic' because this means the earrings have stainless steel or non-nickel yellow gold instead of nickel. Most earrings that do not have nickel are marked as such on the packaging.

Watch out for cobalt or white gold metal earrings, as these metals often contain at least some amount of nickel and therefore may cause an allergic reaction.

If you keep your earrings and earring backs separate and are not sure which earring backs are hypoallergenic, discard any suspicious earring backs and purchase new earring backs marked 'hypoallergenic'.

Additional Precautions

If you have a nickel allergy and wish to get other areas of your body pierced or tattooed, be sure to ask if the studio uses sterile equipment with surgical-steel stainless needles instead of nickel. Do not allow the use of a piercing gun, which is not necessarily non-nickel or sterile and may cause an allergic reaction. Select non-nickel jewelry for your piercing.

With some basic precautions, you can still wear and enjoy earrings as long as they do not have nickel.

dry itchy ears