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Brewers Yeast For Fleas On Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there any other natural supplements OTHER THAN brewers yeast and garlic tabs to give my dogs for fleas?
    I kno that there is no real proof that the brewers yeast helps with the fleas but it will help with the coat and skin damage caused by fleas. But the garlic tabs make their breath and skin smell awful ! So is there another natural supplement I can give them? They are on the Advantix by the vet and all but it doesnt help completely rid the problem, and the neighbors dogs have fleas something terrible and they are bringing the problem to my yard and dogs.

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest using Frontline it works allot better and lasts longer than Advantix my family stopped using it due to that reason and went back to Frontline.
      I also use Sevendust it is a white powder you can buy in a red bag at Wal-Mart or any store that sells garden products.
      I put sevendust on my pets fur and in my carpet all around my house as well as outside sometimes and you can also use pesticides on your lawn and not let your dog out for about 3 hours and that should help your outside issues.

    Is it true that feeding brewers yeast to pets will repel fleas?
    We've got a household full of cats and while we have only one small dog, he is a _huge_ personality and sometimes seems to take up a whole room by himself.

    The pills, and the Frontline, and drops, and flea baths, are expensive, toxic, and only work partially. I would love to stop using all of them, but we live in a warm, wet climate and fleas are _everywhere_.

    I heard that feeding brewers yeast to cats and dogs will repel fleas, and that they love to eat the stuff, besides.

    Is it true?

    • ANSWER:
      It is possible to use brewer's yeast as a source of zinc and other minerals, and also as a flea repellent -- but the amounts used are small and there is a "trick" to using these so your pet doesn't become ill.

      One thing to mention: some animals are allergic to brewer's yeast, so it's best to try with a small patch of the animal's skin first to see if there is a reaction before adding the yeast to food or using it as a flea spray.

      Warm, wet climate sounds nice. Where I live (central Texas) we're in the midst of our worst drought in 50 years, and we can't even BUY rainfall!

    Does Brewers Yeast and Garlic keep fleas of dogs?
    Do I have to give my dog the kind for dogs or can they have the brewers yeast and garlic for humans? I've noticed it's much cheaper than the dog brands!

    • ANSWER:
      It does help. But I think the main purpose of it is to keep their skin soft so it doesn't get itchy and dry. It is suppose to help with shedding also. I haven't used it but have been thinking about it because I have several dogs and two of them shed a lot. So I may look into it. I think it does come in a tablet form, but getting it down them is the trick. I may try putting it in peanut butter and try it that way. Good luck

    brewers yeast and garlic to repel fleas?
    I am making dog treats for a local craft fair. I hear brewers yeast and garlic is good natural flea repellant. I thought about making flea repelling biscuits. I hear the yeast may be bad for big dogs, and that garlic is actually toxic to dogs. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      Garlic is toxic for dogs and brewers yeast can cause bloat in large dogs. Probably not a good idea.

      Both are dependent on the amounts given, but doggy treats tend to be given in greater quantities than say a small capsule.

    Has anyone used brewers yeast on their cats to get rid of fleas?
    My cats have fleas and I just want to see if anyone knows how well brewers yeast works?

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard of adding brewers yeast to pets diets to eliminate fleas. So far, from my experience as a veterinary technician I have not seen it work yet. I have not read any studies, journals, or articles published in veterinary medicine claiming it works either.

      It shouldn't hurt to try a small amount in supplementing in food. Supposedly the thought behind the supplementing is to alter the taste or smell of the skin to deter fleas. How well this works? Well, as I stated before... no one has a clue.

      *IF you run across people telling you that onion powder or garlic powder will work on fleas do not take them up on this advice.
      Garlic and Onions have compounds that trigger a disease process called Heinz-body anemia in cats and dogs. This disease causes the destruction of red-blood cells in their body and can be fatal.
      Just an FYI ;)

    can i substitute baking yeast for brewers yeast in a a dog treat recipe?
    the recipe calls for brewers yeast and i was wondering if i could substitutre it with regular baking yeast. It is a flea biscuit recipe with garlic.

    • ANSWER:
      Do NOT use baker's yeast instead of brewers yeast

      baker's yeast =
      This is used as a leaven in breads, coffeecakes, and pastries like croissants and brioche. It works by converting sugar into carbon dioxide, which causes the dough to rise so the bread will be light and airy.

      beer yeast =
      brewer's yeast that's used as a nutritional supplement,
      excellen source of B vitamins and amino acids.
      That type of yeast is deactivated,
      so it won't produce any alcohol or bubbles.

    Does anyone know anything about using brewers yeast and garlic to help rid fleas from dogs?
    I have had 2 different people tell me that brewers yeast and garlic helps w/ fleas. One also says it does other things as well. Was just looking for more information
    i don't have a problem now, was just looking for alternative methods to prevention due to my dogs hating the current tx method.

    • ANSWER:
      Garlic has recently found to cause anemia in dogs..I have heard of the remedy all of my life, but have never known it to help much..Perhaps some types of fleas, but not the ones I have met!

      REVOLUTION is fairly new on the market, and is super effective! where has it been all my life! it also prevent heartworms and many other parasites, internal and external..it is just a liquid to apply to the back of the shoulders/neck area..You can get it at vet clinics, and they are encouraged to give the first treatment free..

    can brewers yeast with garlic give your dog a yeast infection?
    I took My little girl(shih-tzu) to the vet today.And she said she has a yeast in her ears.She gave me drops to use for a couple days.But I been giving her brewers yeast with garlic to keep fleas away.and it also has omega 3 in it .Can this be what gave her the ear problems.
    I have been useing it for a couple weeks and we don't have ANY fleas.

    • ANSWER:
      firstly and most important anything in the onion family should not be fed to dogs as they can be toxic and cause liver failure, this includes garlic. Secondly yeast occurs naturally in the ear canal however occasionally will overgrow due to the warm moist conditions inside the ear causing a yeast infection. I doubt that the brewers yeast is keeping away many fleas. The only benificial ingredient in the tablet that you've been giving is the omega-3.

    I have a chihuahua with 2 pups that are 2 weeks old! They have fleas! How do I get rid of them?
    I also have 2 boxers one is a year old the other is 8 weeks. Everytime I let them out to potty the come in covered with fleas! I have sprayed the house and yard and they still won't go away!! I use frontline on my dogs and also give them brewers yeast and garlic tabs which are supposed to prevent fleas but nothing seems to help!! Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      For the puppies, you can use Revolution on the mom, and that will make a big difference. Meanwhile, just use a flea comb on the puppies, de-fleaing them twice per day or as needed.
      If you get a 'nit' comb, from the drug store, it is made of plastic, and a bit gentler than the metal comb. The 'nit' combs are only a dollar or two.

      Revolution is suitable for use on dogs, puppies, cats & kittens > 6 weeks of age . it is also approved for use on pregnant and nursing mother dogs and cats.

    Why would my dogs have fleas with frontline?
    We are in Florida and something is biting my dogs. They are on Frontline and I gave them a flea bath. They are also are taking Brewers yeast, wheat germ,fish oil. I keep things vacuum and bedding clean. What can I do? Bomb the House?

    • ANSWER:
      Because frontline kills the fleas that are on the dog, not the fleas that are in the carpets or anyplace else in the house. So fleas die, new fleas jump on. What I did was take my cats outside while the whole house was bombed.

    What do you use for your pets flea control?
    I don't want to use frontline or advantage because it is very expensive and I don't like using the chemicals on my pets. two lap dogs and one retriever.

    I have heard of garlic powder sprinkled on your pets food. But how much? And I heard pros and cons about using garlic,some good,some not good.

    I have also heard of giving your pet Brewer's Yeast tablets that it works. Where do I get these brewers yeast tablets for pets?

    Has anyone used brewers yeast tablets?

    Does anyone make their own spray with essential oil's?

    Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      you can get some pill from your vet. They are based on weight of the pet. They kill ALL bugs within 24 hours. They work I have a cat and 3 dogs inside and they go out too. You have to treat you home as well. Flea bombs with everyone and all pets outside . You should also put a new flea collar into your vaccum bag regularly. the vaccum picks up the eggs but the next time you turn it on the vibration makes them hatch in your vaccum bag! So they are being spread over and over. Not sure what else to try. I use advantage plus. it is really safe and they have to be clean and dry when you apply it. Best of luck!

    Does anyone have a chow dog with skin problems which causes constant itching?
    I have my second Chow and she has similar skin problems as the first one. I have found no answers to help with her constant discomfort. I have used baths, flea medications, brewers yeast, fish and flax oil, and have just started with garlic caplets which I have been told might ward off fleas. Nothing seems to last as the scratching and hair loss eventually continues. I would like to hear more from some of the readers. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      no ,

    How do I get rid of the fleas?!?
    My Dachshund puppy has really bad fleas how do I get rid of them. I've tried flea baths, flea medication, and Brewers yeast. But nothing seams to work! Please help me!
    only one problem my dog only weighs about 6 pounds!

    • ANSWER:
      The easy way!
      Get Iver-On!
      Many no-kill shelters use it.
      It's Ivermectin liquid wormer for cattle.

      Use 1 1/2 cc per 14 pounds of dog.

      It is the same thing as Reolution (Rev is very expensive, this is cheap) that is used like Frontline and Advantage (put on between the shoulder blades and in a straight line down the back to the tail). I learned this from the powner of a no-kill shelter.
      It gets rid of fleas and ticks keeps mesquitos away, therefore used as a heartworm prevention, when used once every 2 weeks.

      It dries in minutes, so there is no oily substance or anything to get on you.

      Did I mention CHEAP? a bottle at Tractor Supply and farm stores. A bottle last forever!!!! Close to a year on a small dog.

      It is actually Ivermectin liquid wormer for cattle but as I said, shelters use it for dogs because it's the same thing as the expensive stuff and a LOT cheaper
      It also helps with allergies and Sarcoptic Mange (something that is hard to detect and often mistaken for allergies)

      I use it on 3 med size dogs and my bottle has lasted 6 months (NO FLEAS on mine ...ever!)
      Good luck.

    How do you repel fleas and ticks from people and dogs naturally?
    I have 6 acres, I live in the country, and have a lush pasture I let grow for my dogs to enjoy. We mow paths through the pasture for the dogs to explore and play, and of course, tick are a consequence. I do not like to over medicate my dogs, I don't believe in giving them every med that comes on the market. I know brewers yeast will repel mosquito's, but what about those darn ticks? I have 10 of my own dogs, I foster for a dog rescue(over 300 adoptions at this point!!!) and I also do doggy daycare-anybody, anywhere use something??? I know tea tree oil for lice, garlic for intestinal parasites, but help me with the ticks....THANKS.

    • ANSWER:
      Do NOT do this if you have dogs that cannot have heartguard. But if you use cattle ivermectin and glycol mixed together monthly to guard against heart worms this will also help repel fleas and ticks. It is also much cheaper than the heartguard and will last you much longer. Try finding a reputable breeder who would know more about it to help u with dosages. Or even ask your vet. Good luck!

    How to rid of fleas?
    I've tried prescriptions.. everything!! Brewers yeast.. flea dips, shampoo.. What can I do? I've bombed the house with flea killer.. I have a 1 y/o and the fleas are constantly jumping and biting.. I can't get them to stay off the dog or out of my house.. Help I'm desperate!!!

    • ANSWER:
      My tip is a little strange, but I swear by it. Use a good flea shampoo on your pet. Here is the strange part; spray your carpet and floors with Pine-Sol. Half water, half Pine-Sol mixture. Spray until the carpet is moist. Do this every day or so for about a week, also remember where you are getting the fleas from. Outside, plant some penny royal, or get a good insecticide to treat the yard. If all else fails, try a flea bomb, they really work.

      and of course take regular table salt and spread it all over your carpets. Wait at least 30 minutes and vacuum. Some people will vacuum, then salt and leave the salt on over night. The theory is that the flea larva (like the caterpillars of fleas) will eat the salt and die of dehydration. This really works. I have done only this part when I was really busy and it took longer but it got rid of all the fleas.

    Would Nutritional Yeast have the same effect as Brewer's Yeast for natural flea prevention?
    I use Revolution on my dog but, I am also looking into natural things... such as yeast. I have usually read that Brewer's Yeast has been used with some success for flea prevention. But would Nutritional Yeast have the same effect?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think yeast would have any effect on fleas. I think you should save your money and just stick with something that is science based

    How can I help my dog with his flea problem?
    My dog has fleas. His constant scratching keeps us up at night and I feel so bad for him. I am paranoid about the pests.

    I give my dog regular baths, used FrontLine Plus, added brewer's yeast and garlic to his diet, treated the yard, sprayed around the house, bombed the house, and have started trying the Avon Skin-so-soft I have read about. They are relentless and making us and our pet miserable!

    • ANSWER:
      When are you applying the Frontline and how are you doing it? That is the most common mistake with the product! Do not bathe your dog at least 48 hours after you apply it, and do not apply it unless your dog is 100% dry after a bath. Apply the entire dose in one spot between the shoulder blades on as much skin as possible.

      Only purchase Frontline from your Vet. Merial only sells to Veterinarians and this way you are guaranteed the real product.

      My best recommendation is to purchase a Capstar from your Vet (only about ). It will kill all of the adult fleas on your dog within 30 minutes. Apply Frontline after that to prevent them from coming back and to kill the eggs.

      Apply the Frontline every month, all year long.

      If fleas are still a problem, perhaps try another brand of Flea preventative, Advantage, or Revolution maybe? Ask your Vet and see if there is a product they recommend.

    Do any of you feed Brewers Yeast to your dog?
    Just curious. I give my pups small amount. Too much is not good for large breed (bloat). It helps with the shedding. Also Fleas and mosquitos seem to bother them much less. They're also on Advantage Multi. But fleas and mosquitos are so bad here in GA so I wanted some other natural way to help them out.

    • ANSWER:
      I've never given it.
      Both mine just get revolution once a month, and if we're in an especially fly-ridden place (the barn or down by the creek, for example), they get sprayed with Equisect just as a backup.
      As far as shedding goes-I just take 'em out back and give them a good brushing. I'm leary about supplements that are "anti-shed" or "anti-ruins-your-grass". It just seems very unnatural to me. A good brushing does the job to keep a lot of the hair out of the house.

      Equisect is a good fly spray. I use it on myself as well, haha. It's organic/all-natural made from chrysanthemum flowers (I cannot spell that for the life of me!). Water based, so it doesnt leave a nasty oily resude or anything. Also smells like clove rather than like chemicals (such as bug-off does). Also repels like, 6 types of flies, mosquitos, lice, ticks, and fleas (kills the ticks and fleas as well as repels them). Does a good job for me, the dogs, and the horse so far.

    Anyone else use tea tree oil and brewers yeast to treat fleas?
    The teatree oil goes on the skin (when brushing) and the yeast goes over the food.

    • ANSWER:
      You know, I have not had to use either one because I have not had a flea problem for years and the vitamin supplement I give my animals has a high potent mixture of the B's plus they are bathed frequently and kept in the house most of the time. I have read a lot about the product and now it appears that brewers yeast may cause nutritional problems. The tea tree oil I have used for skin problems on all my animals from snakes to little furry ones. It is a wonderful natural antibiotic and I gave you a link that explains how to ensure your product is the real thing.

      Tea tree oil is very good for inflamed gums on elder dogs as long as you make sure they aren't ingesting large amounts.

      Brewer's yeast added to the diet has been touted as a sure cure for fleas, but recently information has come to light suggesting that the large amount of brewer's yeast necessary to eliminate fleas might cause health problems. Instead of adding brewer's yeast to your dog's diet, try sprinkling it on your pet. Thoroughly rub it into the coat to make sure it reaches the skin. It is best to do this outside, because the fleas cannot stand the smell of yeast and will jump off of your pet.

    My dogs are getting fleas and ticks even using Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix. Any ideas?
    My two six year old dogs are suddenly getting fleas and ticks even using either Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix. They are also on Sentinel which not only takes care of heartworm but is supposed to give them extra flea protection.
    I'm at my wits end and hope someone can suggest other options.
    I've tried Brewer's Yeast and garlic and tea tree oil all to no avail.
    I'm getting desperate.

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same problem and called Bayer because Advantix was not working at all.
      Given the facts that I apply flea drops before bed so dogs have less opportunity to roll or lick it off during play and don't allow them to get wet for at least 48 hrs. after applying and I followed the directions for application here's what they told me.
      Several times a year fleas and ticks hatch out and there's an overabundance of them.If you are not treating your house and yard or take your dogs to places infested with them they jump on the dog they bite,die and fall off.More fleas jump on dog bite,die and fall off.same goes for ticks this just keeps happening and everytime the dog is bitten it takes a little more of the med out of the dogs system until there is nothing left.So for times when you notice your dog scratching uncontrollably 2 weeks after applying the stuff you need to apply a second tube.
      It helps alot to put something on your lawn for fleas. I use Sevin and I end up bombing my house every spring for fleas and sometimes in summer too. Just depends on how moist it is outside.

    What is a homeopathic way to prevent tick bites on dogs?
    I have been finding ALOT of ticks on my two dogs lately, and I don't want my house to become infested with ticks. I want to be able to sit with my dogs and not have to worry about ticks getting on my or my furniture. If anyone knows any homeopathic ways to prevent ticks from biting my dogs, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      There isn't any - it's not truly effective, all the brewers yeast, garlic, etc. - just doesn't work well.

      Only thing absolutely works is a topical liquid every month for fleas and tix - Frontline Plus and Advantix work very well.

      You are just fooling yourself i you try all the homemade recipes, your dogs won't be protected.

      By the way, garlic is dangerous for dogs as are onions - can cause blood problems.

    What is the best home made flea and tick control?
    I run a Sanctuary and have tried many flea and tick control solutions. They are all expensive on the massive scale that i need. I am looking for an inexpensive, natural way to kill fleas and ticks.

    • ANSWER:
      Give daily doses of x2 brewers Yeast tablets and x1 garlic pearl to each dog, this is the best flea, tick and intestinal worm preventor I know.
      20 years living on a sheep farm, large wooded area ( wildlife: foxes, hedgehogs etc) 10 dogs and only 1 had a tick on her two days after she had been in the vets for a week and had not had the Brewers Yeast and garlic during that time.

      You can grow the garlic which would make this even cheaper, then put the whole bulb in its skin into the oven, bake for 15 mins. This produces soft odour free garlic which can be frozen, I put it in ice cube trays............it also great for garlic bread!

      Neem oil is supposed to be very good although I have never needed to try it..........why change what works?

      If they have nothing to feed on, they soon die off because they can't complete their breeding cycle.

    What is the best flea shampoo for a dog?
    I have moved and going to keep my dog inside, i am going to get him groomed ( dip ect) but i will have him in the house for a week cause his rabies shot is out and going to get it later that week, so i will not be able to get him groomed for about a week, so i guess my question is what is the best thing that i can use on him at home, or what kind of ingredients should i look for? After shampoo and grooming i plan to use advantix on him regularly.

    • ANSWER:
      I guess I tend to go a more naturalistic approach. I don't treat my dogs for fleas necessarily but give them garlic and brewers yeast tablets instead. Something about this combination gives their system something that the fleas don't like and the fleas won't stay. I have never in 12 years of dog ownership had a flea problem. The dogs think the "vitamins" are yummy and I'm not putting icky chemicals on their skin to cause possible irritation or allergies. I get the tablets from Petco or PetsMart or can get them on line. Use the direction per weight on the package. This is a daily thing but overall I think much healthier than Advantix, etc. This is not a substitute for your heart worm treatment. Please do follow up on that. Many dogs die each year from heart worm disease. If you still want a shampoo with some fighting power against fleas, look for something with Tea Tree Oil. It is also soothing to the skin.

      I would STRONGLY recommend getting those shots updated.

    Does anybody know any home rememdies to kill fleas on the dog?
    Does anybody know any home rememdies to kill fleas on the dog?

    • ANSWER:
      Eucalyptus oil in a bath helps. I believe brewers yeast does too. I forget how to use the brewers yeast, so search that.

    What does it mean when someone says they feed their dog a raw diet?
    Currently feeding my dog Nurish by Rachael Ray, but have heard conflicting reports to how good it is for her. Can you help?

    • ANSWER:
      Bone and Raw Food Diet (BARF)
      Bones whole and ground
      Raw veg, fruit, meat(tripe, chicken, turkey, lamb, beef (cooked kidney, liver) , oily fish, eggs

      I also add herbs to naturally keep their immune system healthy ( to fight illness/injury and garlic and brewers yeast to repell fleas/ticks/worm)

      It is quality food, real food, not brown bits of whatever(and believe me you really wouldn't want to know) stuck together put in a box with pretty pictures on or large budget TV advertising campaigns to persuade you to buy.

      Many people who feed BRAF/PREY have done their research into what exactly is in those bags of manufactured dog foods so choose to feed their dogs this way.

      I have worked for dog food manufacturers and a top quality one at that and I would never feed it to my dogs.........I love them too much to do that (although I have fed BARF for years)............however for some people as long as they don't know they don't worry.

      Sorry can't help you on that one Nurish by Rachael Ray, I have never heard of it, however look at the contents, the first ingredient should be a named meat ( not just meat) but whole chicken, lamb etc and look at the cereal content and what they are, if they say cereal ( any rubbish thats cheap) oats, brown rice, but no wheat, corn or maize and if there are a lot of additives, preservatives and flavouring that is not good.
      Hope that helps

    What is an inexpensive flea control product for dogs?
    What is an inexpensive flea control product for dogs? I have used Frontline before but it is SO expensive. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Brewer's yeast & garlic tabs

    Would Nutritional Yeast have the same effect as Brewer's Yeast for natural flea prevention?
    I use Revolution on my dog but, I am also looking into natural things... such as yeast. I have usually read that Brewer's Yeast has been used with some success for flea prevention. But would Nutritional Yeast have the same effect?


    • ANSWER:
      No. Nutritional yeast is not the same thing. You can add Brewer's Yeast to the diet....about six tabs per day for a collie size dog. BY is high in Vit B's, so good that way. It's water soluble, so you can't overdose on it. I've used it for years in my dogs diets. You can also rub BY powder into the coat. You can also use garlic in the diet. I use garlic powder.....1/4 teaspoon for a collie five days of the week. My dogs have never had fleas. But they are also on a raw diet.

    How do you get rid of a flea infestation?
    We currently have a newborn in the house and we noticed the fleas are biting him a lot and would like to know the most safe way to get rid of them!
    We no longer have any pets, for about 2-3 weeks now.

    • ANSWER:
      Treat pets, home, and yard.....

      Feline Flea Proofing
      Add to the food for each adult cat:
      1/2 level teaspoon brewer's yeast
      1/4 level teaspoon garlic powder

      Flea Destroyer
      Set up a plate of sudsy water with a light hovering over it. The fleas are attracted to this and drown themselves.

      Flea Repellent (for cats)
      1/8 teaspoon tamari soy sauce
      1 crushed whole clove
      1/8 teaspoon water
      1 fresh garlic clove
      Marinate the garlic in the liquid for about 10 minutes and then remove it.
      Add 1/16 teaspoon soy liquid to each 1/2 cup cat food. Use this repellent immediately.

      Flea Repellent Pillows
      These pillows are for dogs.
      Source: Glen Brook Farms Herbs and Such
      2 parts pennyroyal
      1 part thyme
      1 part wormwood
      Herbs may be cut or whole; construct a pillow for your pet to sleep on and then stuff it with the pennyroyal, thyme, wormwood. This makes a nice gift for those favorite dogs in your life. These herbs help to repel fleas naturally and without harsh chemicals.

      Flea Repellent Sleep Pillows
      For cats
      2 parts sage or rosemary
      1 part catnip
      1 part chamomile
      For dogs
      2 parts pennyroyal
      1 part thyme
      1 part wormwood
      Herbs may be used cut or whole. Mix enough to stuff a 2-foot square pillow for a cat or a 3-foot square (or larger) pillow for a dog. Sew the pillowcase out of a tough, washable fabric such as denim.

      Herbal Flea Powder
      Use herbs in powdered form only.
      2 ounces pennyroyal (use sage or rosemary for cats)
      1 ounce rosemary
      1 ounce wormwood
      1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
      Mix and store in a covered container. Use as often as any flea powder and rub into skin.

      Herbal Flea Powder
      1 part eucalyptus powder
      1 part pennyroyal powder (use sage or rosemary for cats)
      1 part fennel powder
      1 part yellow dock powder
      Combine all ingredients in a shaker top jar and shake to mix.
      Apply to your pet's fur by brushing backward with your hand or comb and sprinkling the powder into the roots of the hairs. Concentrate on the neck, back, and belly. Use just enough to add a little odor to the hairs.
      For severe flea infestations, treat daily; otherwise, use two or three times a week.


    Is it beneficial to give dogs a flea treatment? or use some sort of natural treatment?
    I usually take my doggie to a major chain store for grooming, and they always ask if he gets some type of flea n pest treatment. But I don't because he is a Bichon, I don't know if he would have an allergic reaction. Any suggestions please!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Most flea treatments are full of toxic chemicals. So much so, that if your read the packaging, it says not to get on human skin!
      Why should that not be harmful to our doggies, I ask myself.

      If your dog has fleas try the natural treatment.

      Add a scant teaspoon of brewers yeast from the health food store to the food. They like the taste and after a few days of eating it your dog creates a natural repellent for the fleas.

      There are several natural shampoos that you can use. To prevent fleas from coming back, vacuum your house very often and wash you dog's bedding in hot water. That will kill the fleas.

    Are there any home remedies for getting rid of fleas?
    My chihuahua has fleas and I need something that will work to get rid of her fleas.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh boy. Well, I tell you this, I have tried just about everything! I don't want to put poisons on my dogs or feed it to them by pill either, so I have really tried very hard to find an alternative solution. I have tried natural oils mixed with water to spray them before going outside - lavender, tea tree, citronella, ect.. They did not work. I tried apple cider vinegar in baths, drinking water & sprayed directly on their bodies. It will kill the flea upon contact but does not repel fleas afterwards. I have tried brewers yeast with garlic pills, didn't work for me. I have sprinkled Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth into my carpets & left it there for a week or two, then vacuumed & reapplied- that DOES seem to work, I noticed the amount of fleas drop dramatically after several days. I tried skin-so-soft, made them smell great but didn't repel fleas. There are homemade flea traps that are easy to make. Usually a dish of soapy water with a light positioned over the dish (in a dark room) will draw fleas, as they are attracted to light. Now I wash them with any shampoo that suds up to kill the fleas ( Dawn dish soap kills fleas but is too harsh on their skin. Anything that suds up works. I leave them soaped up for 10 minutes when possible.), I try to vacuum every day because fleas live in your carpets & dog bedding 95% of the time, so you need to get them off of your dog & out of your carpets as well! If the infestation gets too bad then I use Diatomaceous Earth again for a couple of weeks. MUST BE FOOD GRADE (not the type that's pre-treated for swimming pools) Diatomaceous Earth & can be found at lawn & garden stores.. Fleas tend to prey on weaker/unhealthy animals, so I switched them over to a better food (Blue Buffalo Wilderness, it is a 5 star food) & do all that I can to keep them as healthy as possible, including feeding them meat several times a week. I would feed them a species appropriate raw diet always but it is too expensive, so they get some as 1 meal only 3 or 4 days a week. Try dogfoodadvisor.com to check out dog food ratings. Also, Dr. Karen Becker on youtube & at Mercola.com is wonderful & always has great advice concerning dogs. Fighting fleas is truly a battle that you must be diligent about! Fleas were horrible this year. Just awful! Good luck to you both!

    How do I get rid of fleas that are in the house?
    My dog had fleas. We got them off of her but now they all over the house and is now on the dog again. We gave her a bath and their were tons of fleas on her. The vet people said that we must have fleas in our house. How do you get rid of them? Also, if you have any suggestions of getting rid of them in the backyard.

    Thanks for all of your help in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Home flea treatment is a pain in the a$$! You have 2 options - bombing the house. (Using a fogger). You can purchase them in the grocery store or at home depot. The instructions are on the box. Or you can call a pest exterminator.

      To rid them in your yard try this:
      Flea Treatment of Yards:
      Flea eggs fall off in areas of the yard where pets spend time. Fleas can reproduce in areas that are warm and moist throughout the day, so if you are treating your yard for fleas, focus on those areas that stay moist and warm and around the doors of the house.

      * Remove dead plants and excess brush from your yard, since they harbor critters and parasites.
      * There are chemical-based yard sprays made specifically for yard treatment, as well as companies that apply such products. Commercial treatments include Archer and FleaFix. You can obtain more information by doing a web search.

      * If you plan to use a commercial product, first read the label to make sure it?s safe for use around pets.
      Do-it-yourself approaches that can help you save money and avoid chemicals:
      * Spread beneficial nematodes in affected areas of the yard to naturally control fleas. These worms help eliminate fleas by feeding on flea larva. They are nontoxic, harmless to humans and pets, and even help control other nuisance insects. You can get them through some veterinarians and from several internet-based companies.

      * Other alternative bug repellents can be found on the internet. They include BugBand products that use all-natural Geraniol instead of DEET to repel mosquitoes, fire ants, flies, gnats, ticks and lice. For details, visit www.bugband.net. You can find details about NaturVet herbal flea repellent at www.naturvet.com .

      * Ivory Liquid Soap approach: Rather than poisoning fleas, Ivory reportedly suffocates fleas, gnats and other bugs. To spray Ivory in your yard, use a garden sprayer attachment such as the one made by Ortho Sprayer. Fill it with Ivory and set the dilution dial to 2 tablespoons. Saturate the area, then let it dry before allowing your dog or anyone else walk on the treated ground. Using this method, people treat their yards every 4 to 6 weeks.

      * Homemade solution to repel insects from from Hints from Heloise: Make a solution of 1/2-cup of liquid dishwashing soap, 2 tablespoons of ammonia, and 5 to 7 cups of water. Use a bottle spray attachment to apply the solution.

      * Outdoor/indoor bugzapper alternative: Pour some water in a white dinner plate and add a few drops of Lemon Fresh Joy dish detergent. Set the dish on your porch, patio or other area. Mosquitoes reportedly flock to the dish and then die at or within a few feet of the dish, soon after drinking the mixture. Joy was the specified detergent, but other brands can work.

      * A fairly safe way to keep mosquitoes away is to spray your yard once a week with Simple Green, which is available at home and garden stores

      To keep them off your dog:
      Use frontline, advantix or advantage puchased through Petmeds or at your vet. Or try Dietary additions for boosting immunity and repelling bugs:
      ** A half teaspoon of nutritional brewer?s yeast daily can provide the B complex vitamins a dog needs. Dr. Michael Fox has recommended brewer's yeast or nutritional yeast (but not baker's yeast), giving 1 teaspoon per 30 pounds of body weight mixed with the animal's food.

      ** B complex vitamins ? 50 mg once a day for cats and smaller dogs, and twice daily for larger dogs.
      ** Use Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid supplements.
      ** Add a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to the dog?s water bowl.
      ** Add .a teaspoon each of safflower oil and powdered kelp or seaweed to the food bowl.
      ** Fresh garlic in small quantities can help repel fleas by making the animal taste unpleasant to fleas. Grate a small amount of fresh, raw garlic into your pet?s food at mealtime, about one-half to 3 chambers of the clove (chamber, not a whole clove) depending on the animal?s size. One vet recommends one crushed clove of garlic (not a whole bulb; a clove is just one chamber) per every 30 pounds. Some holistic health practitioners recommend heating the garlic for easier digestion, and to not to give them garlic every day.

    Where can I find Brewers Yeast Tablets in nashville?
    My dog has fleas and I researched home remedies and this was a solution. There was another ... washing my dog with dish detergent ... but I think I would rather try the tablets. It seems it will dry out his skin.

    • ANSWER:
      You can try adding Apple Cider Vinegar in his food. You can get the tablets from pets.com or any online pet store. I also give me dog fish / codliver oil.

    How much should I give my pets?
    I have spring valley brewer's yeast. I plan to adminster them to my two adult cats and dachshund and possibly my 2 month old kittens if it is safe. How much should I give them?
    O yes, and I have the tablets form

    • ANSWER:
      The important flea-control ingredient in brewer's yeast is thiamine (vitamin B). A level of one milligram (1 mg) of thiamine daily for each five pounds of your pet's body weight is ideal. For an average-size cat, this would translate to one teaspoon of brewer's yeast; for a large dog, you might administer one tablespoon of brewer's yeast supplemented with a B-complex vitamin pill. Brewer's yeast can also be dusted on externally as a flea powder. (If your pet licks some off, there's no harm done.)

    How to can i get rid of fleas?
    My dog appears to be suffering from fleas. last night i put flea & tick drops on him but i dont think its working.
    anyone have any idea what else i could use?
    hartz advanced care 4 in 1 flea & tick drops plus is what i used on him last night.

    • ANSWER:
      I would try Frontline it is waterproof so you can bathe you dog and it will still work....but for the time being i would give him a bath in dawn or flea shampoo....but ask your vet if you can use both products in the same month it may have side effects....and try a food with brewer's yeast in it like purina Pro Plan

    What is a good flea preventive for a cat?
    I have a 7 month old kitty and was wondering if there was a better flea preventive than the topical kind; kind of like the comfortis for dogs? I seem to have the hardest time getting the topical in the right spot. She sits still long enough for me to find her shoulder blades and part her fur, but she moves as soon as i go to squeeze the tube and it ends up somewhere else. Is there anything else out there?

    • ANSWER:
      I use a natural product called PetGuard yeast and garlic. It comes in two forms: chewable tablets, or powder to mix in your cat's food. It is made from brewer's yeast and garlic. For some reason those ingredients naturally repel fleas. When your cat consumes brewers yeast and garlic on a regular basis, the fleas don't like them as much, if at all. Some cats gobble up the tablets like treats. Others are more fussy and have to get the powder mixed into some canned food. I have been using this product for years, and I dont use any other products such as Advantage, Revolution, flea collars, etc. and my cats never have fleas. This stuff really works great and can be found at pet stores and natural health food stores.

      Topical treatments such as Advantage contain toxic pesticides that can make your kitty very sick if they lick it off their fur. I once had this happen to a cat and he was very sick for 3 days and almost died! After this, I never use chemicals on my cats anymore. I stick to natural products like the PetGuard, and have no need for traditional repellents anymore.

      Good luck, I hope this helps =^.^=

    What is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of my cat's fleas?
    She is about 8 or 9months old and she is a purebred Himalayan I am pregnant and lack the energy to go through all this process but I need to get rid of those fleas.

    • ANSWER:

      I recommend FrontLine or Hartz oil. They are a little cheaper than Advantix. Read the package to ensure that it kills the eggs too. When you apply it, make sure that you follow the directions and don't put it where she can lick it. The oils work super-fast as they are immediately absorbed into the skin and will work towards controlling a second hatch. They will also save you from being scratched to shreds if she's not used to a bath! LOL!!!

      I also buy a Brewer's Yeast/Garlic mixture that you can pick up almost everywhere pet products are sold. Mix a little into her wet food. The fleas are repelled by the smell emitted from the skin. I use this combo on both of my cats and my dog- the bonus is shiny, healthy coats! I can't remember when the cats last had fleas & they're nearly 20!

      Do NOT use flea powder- you can poison her! This happened to us once when I was a kid. Rubbing Garlic on her will just give you a stinky cat with burnt skin (garlic oil can burn them)! Don't even think about Sevin- bad for her, you and your baby!!! Avoiding these will save you an expensive vet bill...

      To further control it, wash wherever she sleeps with soap with a little ammonia or flea shampoo mixed in (test fabric). Laundry- add either a little bleach or ammonia (but not together- that's poisonous too!) to your regular laundry soap. Your vacuum is your friend! When you're done, take the bag out (or the contents if you have a HEPA vac) and put it into a plastic shopping bag and get it out of your house! A few vacuumings should do it unless your house is jumping!

      Good luck & congrats!


    My new dog has a flea allergy problem, can I use a cortizone cream?
    Some one gave me an older Chihuahua and he has an obvious flea allergy, so I bathed him in an Oatmeal bath to soothe him and kill the fleas that were there. I can't get an appointment with my Vet for 2 weeks and he's chewing himself raw even though he NO fleas now, I feel so bad for him. Can I buy something to easy the itching until I get him to a Vet? He has advantage on now, but he's still chewing and wont let himself heal up. Is Cortizone Cream harmful to him?

    • ANSWER:
      You can use brewers yeast and garlic in the dogs food to help repel the fleas. Grate a clove or two into the dogs' food. Sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon of brewers yeast on the food.
      You can try aloe vera on the raw spots.

    My dog is still eating his poop. How can I get him to stop?
    My dog is almost 2 years old and he is still eating his poop. I tried the packets from the vet, but they did not work. One vet told me he may never stop. Any advice. Will this cause him to have parasites?

    • ANSWER:
      My dog used to do this. Actually, I had two dogs that used to fight over their poop. It grossed me out very much and I asked the Vet. He said it was normal for some dogs (as long as it was their poop they were eating not other dogs) and suggested that I put a little brewer's yeast on their food prior to serving it. He also suggested Lowry's Seasoning Salt on their food. I tried both and it worked. Now I alternate it ~ he thinks he's getting a treat. His coat is shiny, his breath is much nicer and we don't have flea problems either.
      The vet also said it could have to do with a vitamin/nutrition deficiency. It is somewhat like a cow chewing their cud. Not all breeds do it.
      Good luck.

    Can a pregnant dog be treated for fleas and administered heartworm preventive?
    My chihuahua may be pregnant -- she tied about three weeks ago. She is a couple of months behind on flea treatment (Advantage) and heartworm preventive (Interceptor). Would it be safe to treat her now? Are there any flea treatments and heartworm preventives that are safe for pregnant dogs?

    • ANSWER:
      See your vet about the heartworm treatment. As to the flea treatment, there are some very good natural remedies you can use that will not interfere with any pregnancy and that are actually good for the dog (almost all commercial flea treatments contain poisons).

      Try mincing a clove of garlic and adding it to your dog's food each day; or stir into moist food 3 tablespoons of debittered brewers yeast each day. Either remedy will deter fleas. If you don't use any canned dogfood (neither do i), you can add either of the above to dry dogfood and then add a little warm/hot water and stir it into a gruel before serving.

      A good side effect of the garlic and brewers yeast: both are good for the heart.

    Do you know of any safe and naturals ways to prevent ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas on dog?
    I searched on hear and see a lot of people favoring the use of garlic to help prevent ticks and fleas.

    I also read somewhere online that they spray their dog with a lemon spray and that helps prevent ticks. Any idea if that is safe and effective?

    • ANSWER:
      In my sisters vegan book there's a section for flea busters. Imma type it all out. Flea busters

      Brewer's yeast :1 tbs or 1 tablet a day Note: some animals are allergic to brewer's yeast; watch for itchy patches. consult your vet.

      Garlic: Most animals love garlic when mixed into food ( i don't know about that one.. it doesn't say how much garlic and to much garlic is bad for dogs)

      Calendula ointment or oil: an excellent repellent that helps with itching.

      Vinegar: a ratio of 1 teaspoon of vinegar to 4 cups of water in their drinking water helps to keep your pets free of fleas and ticks

    Is it possible to have flea treatment at home?
    My dog is allergic to fleas and i give her baths and flea medication and she continues to chew herself. She is almost bald and i was wondering to take care of it. I take her to the vet but she is tired of shots and gets aggressive. Please help it is so sad.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some natural ways to kill fleas
      InstructionsDifficulty: Easy
      Things You’ll Need:
      10 ml. of sweet almond oil
      lavender oil
      cedarwood oil
      eucalyptus oil
      Tea Tree Oil
      geranium oil
      salt (sea salt or table salt)
      favourite dog shampoo
      two cups of fresh rosemary
      Brewer’s yeast tablets
      apple cider vinegar
      Step1Lemons or even oranges make a great natural flea spray. Take a lemon cut it into thin slices and place in a pint jug or jar, cover with boiling water and let steep overnight.

      The next day pour into a spray bottle, spray over your dog remembering especially behind the ears and around the head generally, around the base of the tail and under your dog’s ‘armpits’.

      Step2 A flea collar can be made by rubbing a few drops of one of the following into an ordinary webbing or rope collar or even a doggy bandanna: eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree Oil, citronella, lavender or geranium. This should be done weekly.

      Step3 If your dog or dogs stay in the home with you then you know you have fleas there as well. Wash your dog’s bedding regularly with the hot cycle of your washing machine, adding eucalyptus oil to the rinse cycle will also get rid of house dust mites, this is according to research from the University of Sydney, Australia.

      Adding a thin layer of salt to your carpet and leaving it on for a couple of days before vacuuming will hopefully kill the fleas and eggs there. The way this works is it basically desiccate them!

      Step4 If your dog is badly infested then you have to bath him. Use a little Dawn Dish detergent and shampoo (leave on for five minutes) then rinse. Add a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil or Lavender oil to your rinse water. An alternative is to make your own herbal flea dip which will also work on ticks. Steep two cups of fresh rosemary in two pints of boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid, discard the leaves and make it up to one gallon ( 8 pints) with warm water. Pour this mixture over the dog until it’s saturated. Do not rinse off and allow the dog to dry naturally.

      Step5 An internal flea repellant I have read is having them eat garlic, now I've also read if you feed to much to them it can make them sick to their stomach, so use sparingly. When your dog eats garlic, the smell is excreted through the dog’s skin making your dog less likely to be the flea’s next meal.
      Brewer’ s yeast tablets will also help to make your dog less attractive to fleas because once again the smell is excreted through the skin.
      Adding a dessertspoon of apple cider vinegar to the water bowl will make the skin more acidic and unpleasant to fleas and ticks. If your dogs don’t fancy apple cider vinegar in the water bowl, dilute it 50/50 with water and use in a spray bottle instead of the citrus repellent

      Step6 I also read that if you take a light colored bowl or pie pan and fill with water adding a few drops of liquid soap and place under a nightlight on the floor that the fleas will come to the light and drown in the water because the soap makes them heavy and they can't jump out. Haven't tried this one yet but I am planning on trying it.

    How do I get fleas off my dog?
    We've tried everything shampoos, flea collars, flea combs, K9 Advantix, Frontline. We've flea bombed our house and yard, washed all our furniture, but she still has fleas. How do we get rid of them?

    • ANSWER:
      If all else fails, go see your vet. Another solution would be brewer's yeast, mix a little in with your dogs food, fleas hate the taste. Just look it up on Google.

    What do I use to get ride of flees on a 3 month old puppy soon to be 4 months old come Jan?
    We have used brewer yest tablets, tick and flea shampoo, and drops for the back of the neck. We have used everything for him. My 6 year old dog doesn't have flees and we treated her with the same thing. Can someone suggest on what to use for my 3 to 4 month old puppy. Please and thank-you so much for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      You haven't used everything on him, you've only used stuff that isn't going to work, i.e store-bought stuff. Shampoos, brewers yeast and store-bought spot-ons will not work, because stores aren't licensed to sell the useful chemicals for flea treatment, and fleas are much too tough to be affected by 'natural remedies'.

      Don't waste any more money, just pick some proper flea treatment up from a vet, like Frontline, Advantage or Revolution, this can all be used from 8 weeks of age.


    How can I get fleas out of my house and dogs?
    My dogs have never had fleas and now they do, so I don't know what to do! I have tried frontline and it didn't work AT ALL. I also tried flea collers. The only thing that has worked is flea shampoo and I hate useing that stuff because I know it mustburn there skin.
    I will use the shampoo and then 1 day later my dog is already itching! They are in the house too.
    Please Help! My dog has been keeping me up all night scratching non stop! Everything I have tried but the shampoo has failed.
    Only serious answers please!

    • ANSWER:
      There is a product called FleaBusters RX you can get from your vet, it is a powder that kills the flea eggs in your carpets. It isn't a poison, it just dries them out, so it is safe in the house. It works GREAT. We used it and at the same time used "Duratrol" Yard Control spray on all the bushes in the yard to kill the fleas, and shampood the pets. We had no further problems with fleas for over 2 years.

      I know Advantage works really well as a flea preventer for cats, I don't know if they have a dog version and if so how good it is, but if they have one I would try it.

      Also, my best friend's mom has always given her dogs a bit of yeast (I think it was brewer's yeast) with each meal. The vitamin B compounds in it repel fleas and mosquitoes and ticks -- she lives in the country and never has any problem with any of those pests, so it must work really well. I have seen her adopt stray dogs that are all mangy-looking from flea problems, and within a month or two they look perfectly healthy again from just the yeast (she doesn't use flea collars or chemical treatments of any kind).

    Anyone have a dog got a bad reaction to K9 Advantix?
    My Golden Retreiver seems to always get really down for about 24 hours after she gets her treatment. My other dog is fine, but my Golden is just not herself for a while after. She is very quiet, lies down alot like she doesn't feel good. She always tries to hide when she sees the tube. It's strange and tonight she is worse than usual.
    I'm calling the vet today and report my Goldens reaction and I will notify Bayer. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Advantix can cause adverse reactions so beware. I have used it in the past and I lost a dog to it, not a Collie, a two and a half year old GSD. My dog had a reaction to it within a couple of hours after applying Advantix and began having seizures. This product poisoned him and affected his nervous system, even after a month the seizures continued. The vet gave us phenobarbital to control the seizures but that did not always work so after all the effort we ended up having to euthanize our dog because of side effects from Advantix and what is worse he never even had fleas so that stuff was used month after month for nothing. The vet I currently use will not even sell Advantix because of the adverse reactions in many dogs. I asked how the company could keep selling it and he told me that many people do not associate the dog getting sick with the product and it is hard to prove the product made the dog sick so adverse reaction from the product seem relatively low.
      I do not ever use those chemicals on my dogs anymore. I use natural preventative remedies such as giving apple cider vinegar in their water, adding brewers yeast and omega 3 to food, I also use vinegar in a spray bottle as a repellent.
      I would not use any chemicals used to prevent fleas. I would wait until my dog was affected by fleas before treating. So far even without using vet recommended products my dogs have not gotten fleas or ticks.
      Also, Advantix is made up of Imadacloprid & Permathrin so if you are going to use Advantix you might as well save some money and get Bio spot instead.
      Here are some reasons not use Advantix:

      Just thought I would mention that although washing it off is a good idea, it will not really help because the stuff goes into the blood and that is what causes the damage.

    Do any of you use brewer's yeast and garlic powder as a flea and tick preventative?
    Does it work? How do you give it to them and how much? Also someone told me about a product called badgers(?) that you rub on your dog to keep ticks off. What is this?
    only people who have actually used brewer's yeast and garlic need to answer this. I don't care what your opinions on it are if you've never even tried it.

    • ANSWER:
      wow, that first guy is a total prick

    I need preventive ways to keep fleas away from my 8 week old puppy?
    I just got an 8 week old puppy from a friend and he had fleas, so I used tea tree oil shampoo and drops to wash him and the fleas have seems to go away, but does anyone have any tips on how to keep them from coming back and what I can use on my furniture to make sure no fleas are there.( keeping in mind I have small children and a puppy around) thanks.

    ps. he is too young for flea treatments

    • ANSWER:
      Brewer's yeast with garlic, which you can buy in any pet store. I give my dogs one chewable tablet for each ten pounds of weight, and they both love it!
      And I know it works, because I had two Maltese a few years ago, and one wouldn't eat the tablet, so I gave up. That's the one that had a tic embedded in her skin, while the other dog was free. And they were both in the same place at the same time. This stuff works for fleas, too.

    Are there any natural remedies for ridding a house of fleas?
    I brought one of our dogs into the the house after she had surgery and now we have fleas in our carpets. We have grand children that lay on the carpet while watching television so I would like to avoid using any chemicals if at all possible.

    • ANSWER:
      Vacuum your house thoroughly to get rid of any eggs. Fleas spend 90% of their time off mammals. Sprinkle flea powder where the dogs sleep because that is where they will concentrate.

      Feed your dogs nutritional yeast (brewer's yeast) to keep the fleas off them. Put garlic in your food - and the grandkid's food - to keep fleas off the humans. You can use garlic powder so you won't get "death breath." When I was having problems with fleas from my cat, I discovered that garlic powder goes great with peanut butter - I'm not kidding!

      If the flea infestation gets really bad, you may have to resort to a "flea bomb." Used properly, it will make a serious dent in the problem.

      Frontline and other anti-flea products do work - at least, they worked on my cat. She has been flea-free for years.

    What is a natural flea deterrent for your dog?
    I have heard that feeding your dog garlic works, but i have read and asked my vet if it is recommended. He said that it may upset their stomach for it being strong, but i was reading on a website that it breaks down their red cell count.... Does anyone know what is a good natural flea deterrent?

    • ANSWER:
      garlic and brewer's yeast pills........
      its completely safe and effective garlic does not contain the same compound that onions do, a poisonous alkaloid called n-propyl disulphide
      garlic is a wonderful natural alternative with many benefits for your pet, including

      * expectorant and antibiotic properties

      * garlic's blood cleansing action makes it a good preventative measure for respiratory and viral problems.

      * it is said to help keep down the worm population due to the sulfur content

      * is used to help fight infection.

      * shiny coat and healthy skin

      *heres an article on it

      i give my dog (garlic and brewers yeast pills) they dont upset his stomach. the garlic that is in the brewer's yeast with garlic pills has been processed, which removes the sulphide compounds that are toxic to your dog.

      garlic is safe to use it does'nt break down their red cell count thats onions, onions are toxic for dogs and they will cause the oxidisation of red blood cells which leads to anaemia

      *heres an article about onions and garlic.....

brewers yeast for fleas on dogs